About Me

Welcome to my website, my name is Kyle Black.

I am an artist. My original goal in life was to create art by any means necessary and that lead to me finding tattooing as a career as well passion.

I am currently openly booking appointments via e-mail as well as through my instagram page which can be found under the portfolio section of this website.

To give a back story, my artistic influences come from growing up in every state in the United States throughout my childhood. I have experience everything from Savannah, Georgia art district to Chicago's walls of paint splatter and expose on political tyrants.
However, out of all art forms the bright and illustrative comic books of the 90s and early 00s were my main love.

I dedicated 4 years of my life to obtaining a Studio Art BFA to continue this passion and pursued an apprenticeship and career in this industry all because of little magazines at a news booth.
Something about art popping off of the page, made me believe it could be done off of the skin.

This lead me to create this tattoo shown below:

Venom Tattoo

My apprenticeship was in Alamosa, Colorado and I have since worked in the industry for half a decade, working under award winning portrait artists and tattoo specialists in some of the best shops in Colorado. My preferred medium is anything involving bold linework, bright colors, lettering, and an artistic twist from myself to your design to give it that extra appeal for you and your friends.

If you would like to discuss tattooing, comic book culture related stuff, and enjoy being tattooed... Let's discuss your next masterpiece.

Contact Information

Email - kylebl4ck666@gmail.com
Instagram - @mrsinistertattoos